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Engineering the new community board experience™

So fast it feels like cheating…

Release Announcement

February 13, 2024

Release Notes

  • Global announcements for the agenda that can be pushed to all communities or targeted to specific categories of communities. Global announcements can feature an image and hyperlink if desired.
  • Ability to assign multiple users to a community.
  • Additional notes can now be placed underneath agenda items.
  • Ability to override global agenda templates for each community.

A whole new level of awesome…

      • Automatic page numbering on each agenda item
      • Accepts multiple file formats (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, JPG, PNG, PDF)
      • Allows careful selection of which pages you want to include in the owner packet
      • Tells you which board members have opened/downloaded the packet after sending

Show/hide pages with a click

Automatic page numbering on the agenda

See which board members have downloaded the packet

What are you waiting for?